Recent Before & After Photos

Broken Pipe Floods Apartment Building

A pipe that burst in an apartment building on the 7th floor affected the rooms around and below it. This is one of the rooms that was got flooded. Our team extr... READ MORE

Water Damage from 7th to 3rd Floor

This flooded apartment building was the result of a broken pipe on the 7th floor. Rooms below and adjacent to the source room were affected also. In total, 15 r... READ MORE

Water Damage on Bathroom Ceiling

When a storm rips through Central Iowa, many homes are left with damaged or missing roofs. Water seeps into the home and saturates the insulation and the ceilin... READ MORE

Soda Blasting to Remove Smoke Damage

Our highly trained technicians use advanced equipment to get the tough jobs done efficiently. When fire and smoke damage is too far advanced for regular cleanin... READ MORE

Water Mitigation in Ames Iowa

When homeowners in the Ames area encounter unexpected water in their homes, it can be easy to become overwhelmed. SERVPRO of Ames minimizes this stress when our... READ MORE

SERVPRO Drying Equipment Saves Office Carpet

This commercial business experienced a clean water leak that ran from the warehouse into the front office. We used two Phoenix Air Max Low Profile Centrifugal ... READ MORE

Sewage Line Damage in Commercial Bank

After a sewer line was damaged, water came up through the flood drain in the basement of this commercial bank. SERVPRO of Ames safely extracted all contaminated... READ MORE

Carpet Removal After Sump Pump Failure

The carpet in this home was damaged from a sump pump failure and wasn't salvageable, so we first removed the carpet and then cut out and removed the carpet pad ... READ MORE

Hotel Demo After Derecho Damage

After a large derecho storm, this hotel experienced water damage that wasn't able to be reversed. The damage required demolition of the top three levels of the ... READ MORE

Overflowing Toilet in Basement

This homeowner's toilet in the basement bathroom ran all night without his realizing it. It flooded his carpeted floor, completely soaking it. We used water ext... READ MORE