Recent Before & After Photos

Storm Flooding

The day after a bad storm in Story City, IA this family of 4 noticed this room had wet carpet. It turns out water was coming in from this ground level window on... READ MORE

New brackets

filled in nail holes Put new brackets on the closet shelf, a Touched up paint  after putty dried. T

Apartment water damage

This apartment had a few units effected by a busted pipe. This 3 story apartment complex was effected by a busted water pipe which leaked down to 2 other units ... READ MORE

Church basement flooding

Back in March we received a called from a church here in Ames needing help with water damage in their basement. They noticed the drinking fountain had a busted ... READ MORE

Air Movers Drying Sub Floor From Below

A house here in Ames had water damage from fridge line that busted. A few months back a family returned home from a Christmas vacation to Florida seeing family ... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

Serval month safter buying this home a Grundy City, Iowa a family noticed mold growth on a bedroom wall in the home. After a few failed attempts to get rid of t... READ MORE

Window mold

Mold can develop in and around window seals and frames. This happens when the windows leak rain in from the outside, or when moisture condenses on the windows i... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Winterset, Iowa

After a intents wind storm swept the area earlier this year, a family out of Winterset, Iowa noticed a tree had fallen and caused damage to there home. the fami... READ MORE

Broken Pipe Floods Apartment Building

A pipe that burst in an apartment building on the 7th floor affected the rooms around and below it. This is one of the rooms that was got flooded. Our team extr... READ MORE

Water Damage from 7th to 3rd Floor

This flooded apartment building was the result of a broken pipe on the 7th floor. Rooms below and adjacent to the source room were affected also. In total, 15 r... READ MORE