Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Apartment water damage

This apartment had a few units effected by a busted pipe. This 3 story apartment complex was effected by a busted water pipe which leaked down to 2 other units ... READ MORE

Air Movers Drying Sub Floor From Below

A house here in Ames had water damage from fridge line that busted. A few months back a family returned home from a Christmas vacation to Florida seeing family ... READ MORE

Sewage Line Damage in Commercial Bank

After a sewer line was damaged, water came up through the flood drain in the basement of this commercial bank. SERVPRO of Ames safely extracted all contaminated... READ MORE

Carpet Removal After Sump Pump Failure

The carpet in this home was damaged from a sump pump failure and wasn't salvageable, so we first removed the carpet and then cut out and removed the carpet pad ... READ MORE

Overflowing Toilet in Basement

This homeowner's toilet in the basement bathroom ran all night without his realizing it. It flooded his carpeted floor, completely soaking it. We used water ext... READ MORE

Sump Pump Failure Causes Flooded Bedroom

This homeowner experienced a sump pump failure, which flooded a bedroom. The water sat on the floor for six days, but SERVPRO of Ames was still able to use spec... READ MORE

Water Damage in Residential Basement

This customer was preparing to sell their home when water started coming through the foundation. SERVPRO of Ames helped connect the homeowner with a foundation ... READ MORE